This site is fan site of EMYLI. EMYLI that does m-flo before and collaboration and became suddenly popular. It wanted to assist in such EMYLI and this site was started up.
It is still young (Debut at the age of only 15), and there something to be amazed in the skill as a singer. EMYLI that appeared to the family who is related to parents and music goes in early boyhood to an American school, and is not an exaggeration to say it has been born to sing exactly.
Recently..become a smash hit..a lot..live..event..guest..perform..own..new song..put out..hard..Music..act.
Moreover, it graduates from an American school in 2006, and going on to school and private seem to hold out to Sophia University EMYLI in 2007.
Let's assist in EMYLI by everyone expecting EMYLI that makes a more wonderful song be heard in the future because it is still young.

What's New

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